Direct Buy Scam: Keep Yourself Safe from Online Scams!

The Internet is full of great and terrible things, and for every amazing deal or fantastic technology it can sometimes seem like there’s a flip side in the form of a virus or an information scam. One of these nasty tricks is called a direct buy scam or an online shopping scam, and it’s often the first step on the road to theft of your money at best, and the theft of your identity at worst.

A direct buy scam is when you come across a website that you can buy a product directly from. Perhaps the products have ridiculously low prices, which makes you want to take a chance. What happens though is that the site owner takes the money, and your credit card number, and never sends you what you ordered. At that point he could use the number, and any other information you provided, to hijack your identity and use your resources for his own ill-gotten gain. A bad situation all around.
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A Direct Buy Scam from a Website Can Be Avoided

Many people scour the web in search of the greatest possible prices for items they wish to purchase. Consumers want to make a purchase directly from a site, which is called making a direct buy. However, buying from a site that they are not familiar with can have negative consequences for the buyers.
It is always best for shoppers to purchase items from sites they are familiar with to avoid following for a direct buy scam online. Online shoppers will surely notice all of the advertisements for cheaply priced items they see on the Internet. The fact is that that some of these sites are simply scams. These sites will advertise super low prices. Then, consumers unknowingly fall for the direct buy scam and make a purchase using their credit cards from the sites. Consumers think they are getting a great deal, but the truth is just the opposite.
The end result is never good. Unfortunately, the consumers never get the items they ordered, and they give away their personal credit card information. These scam sites are usually operated by people in other countries, which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to press charges. Continue reading

Direct Buy Scams are Online: How to Avoid Them

If you are looking to get quality materials online, it is important that you do research before buying anything. It is also important to consider how much you actually know about a website before making any type of purchase with your credit card.

If there are websites that want you to buy from – what is called making a direct buy online – be careful! Don’t trust any vendor that isn’t approved by the BBB or another accredited entity online.
Too many times it is easy for a site to direct you to buy something that is on sale, and shoppers easily succumb to the request without thinking twice about it.
This can be very dangerous for consumers that want to buy in item online; usually a consumer will insert their credit card information into a website portal without thinking twice about the danger looming on the other side.

There could be a scammer waiting to intercept your credit card information as soon as you click process payment. the internet can be a very dangerous place if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, so don’t pay attention to anything that you think ther could be a direct buy scam involved. Continue reading

Online Direct Buy Scams

With today’s economy everybody is trying to save every penny that they can, buying direct from a manufacture sounds like a good deal, and it can be if you know where to shop, but if you are thinking of buying direct, form a website that you don’t know, you should know that there could be some sort of direct buy scam with that website.

People nowadays prefer to shop online so they can find reviews and compare items. Quite often when people shop online, they think the are making a direct buy from the manufacturer but in some cases they are caught up in direct buy scam and are actually buying from a supplier who bought thousands of the items for a reduced cost. Then the Scammers claim that their customers are getting the items at wholesale cost, when they are really paying retail cost or more.

The best way to save money is to check out any deal that sounds too good to be true because usually if something sounds too good to be true it most likely is (that is how some websites get potential “client”‘s attention). Continue reading

Avoiding Direct Buy Scams

Perhaps you have heard your friends or family members talking about their negative experiences with some direct buy purchases they made but have been unaware about what this type of shopping entails.
Direct buys involves getting items straight from the manufacturing company who designed and built the product that you are looking to buy. However, although this may seem like a tempting option for most people, there have been many direct buy scams that have come forth over the years.
One issue that consumers have with utilizing this form of shopping is the fact that you cannot be completely sure what item you are going to receive after you remit payment. Continue reading

Direct Buy Scams

Shopping is something that many people enjoy, after all, what is better than getting a great deal on an item that you really love?
Unfortunately, as thousands of individuals have learned the hard way, sometimes deals can actually be a bad thing.
When talking about direct buy shopping, one is referring to the art of purchasing products directly from the supplier/manufacturer.
Many people find this to be a great way to go in that you will find a wide array of discounts and price cuts when buying a product from the manufacturer since this way, you are avoiding all retail markups.
The reason why you can find such great prices is that the middle man, or retail shops, are no longer necessary to the supplier to sell a product and they then can offer you a discounted price on items. However, don’t get all excited just yet, as direct buy has been known to also have many drawbacks. Continue reading

Avoid Direct Buy Scams

Direct buy complaints have been cropping up all over the Internet lately. Direct buy scam artists are hard at work trying to convine you that a direct buy purchase method is a good idea.

Ordering directly from a fabulous brand name may seem like a sharp course of action continue along with although certainty immediately takes hold which leads a lot of to achieve the amount to a bad deal it will commonly come to be. An immediate spend money on fraud is definitely certainly not valued at becoming interested in. Continue reading

Direct buy scams: don’t purchase directly from the manufacturer!

Many people who purchase a large amount of goods use direct buy methods in hopes of finding low prices and good deals on the items they purchase the most. However, this imposes hefty fees that often outweigh normal retail prices of goods.
The direct buy scam is often unseen by the excited consumer who is teased with promises of low, direct prices straight from the manufacturer. All one must do is search for direct buy reviews online to see how large of a scam it is.
An extremely common direct buy complaint is that the fees imposed by the company make the entire purpose of using the direct buy method completely moot. Consumers save absolutely no money, and often actually lose money by using these methods and being forced to pay outrageous fees. Continue reading

Direct Buy Scams Plague the Internet

There are many companies that have recently been advertising services in which regular individuals can purchase products and merchandise directly from the manufacturer. These new services are described as direct buy since consumers can get their products from the supplier at a much lower cost.
Often, wholesale prices are advertised in these direct buy scams which entice consumers to go out and locate a website or physical company that can help them get products for cheap. The end goal that these direct buy scams inform consumers they can achieve is re-sale. Continue reading

Direct Buy Scams Revealed

Buying directly from a manufacturer may seem like a smart plan of action to follow but reality soon sets in which leads many to realize how much of a scam it can often turn out to be. A direct buy scam is definitely not worth being involved with.

Everyone likes a good deal. This is why it is not surprising that there are so many consumers that look towards direct buy offers for great deals and discounts. Is this method a wise way to shop? While there are sellers which are truly reputable, the sad fact remains that there are many scams out there that prey on those that performing this type of buying. Continue reading